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Pet urns offer a personal connection with a pet even after passing. Only an animal lover can understand the sadness of losing a pet. People tend to view their pets as part of the family, with personalities and charms as distinct as any playful child, eccentric aunt, or curmudgeonly grandfather. So, when a pet passes, the grief is often just as real and the sorrow as acute as if a human family member had passed away. Pet urns are one way to help deal with sorrow in the loss of a pet.

Like cremation urns for people, pet urns come in an assortment of designs, materials and sizes. Following are descriptions of some popular types of pet urns offered by Perfect Memorials.

  • Wood Pet Urns - The wood urns vary from being a solid wood or composite material, both available in many wood finishes including: maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, bubinga and walnut. From elegantly crafted classic shapes to dog houses, heart-shaped photo frames, and wooden bases displaying animal figurines, wood pet urns convey a beautiful, rich warmth.
  • Stone Pet Urns - Onyx, tiger eye, jade, marble and granite pet urns are available in an array of shapes and sizes. The natural material offers a unique color and pattern on each stone urn.
  • Metal Pet Urns - Bronze, brass, pewter, copper and aluminum are some of materials used to make pet urns in various styles and sizes. From traditional Grecian-shapes to statues, metal pet urns feature finishes in polished and brushed metal as well as cloisonné, mother of pearl and colored enamel.
  • Ceramic Pet Urns - These delicate pet urns feature diverse, artistic imagery in designs limited only by the imagination – from timeless urn shapes to exquisite figurines
  • Cultured Pet Urns - Cultured pet urns are formed from manufactured substances, cold-cast and fashioned to look and feel like stone, ceramic, or other traditional materials. Cultured pet urns are available in varying colors and sizes as well as a variety of shapes. The most popular designs include dog or cat in baskets, figurines of varying breeds as well as garden rocks.

The extensive line of pet cremation urns carried by Perfect Memorials also include biodegradable pet urns, as well as pet urns with picture frames to showcase your favorite photo of your animal companion.

Pet Urns

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Precious Petals EcoUrn Biodegradable Cremation Urn - Small

Precious Petals EcoUrn Biodegradable Cremation Urn - Small

$64.50 $96.86
40 cubic inches
Hand Painted Tabby Cat Figurine Cremation Urn

Hand Painted Tabby Cat Figurine Cremation Urn

$124.24 $153.31
45 cubic inches